12-year-old senior rescue dog reconnects with his inner puppy

Adrian & her husband adopted a senior rescued dog, Eugene, spontaneously. She did not know much about him, apart from being a 12-year-old senior rescue dog with skin allergy issues.

Senior rescue dog

When Eugene came home, he started to shiver so severely Adrian got worried that he was feeling cold. She could tell that Eugene was underweight as she could see his ribs.

For the first three hours, the senior dog was just paced around the entire top floor of his new home. The poor dog wanted to be near Adrian, but he also wanted his space. The dog seemed really overwhelmed with the ample open space in this new home.

Senior rescue dog

On the second day that the couple had him, the dog finally found a dog bed and curled up in it. After that, he started to settle in but still kept on going from room to room and tried to find the best place to sleep.

The owners were pleased that the dog had finally found a bed for himself. Eugene gradually started to feel comfortable with his new family. He would not get out of his bed, but he would just look up at them and start wagging his tail.

Senior rescue dog

When Adriane would fold her laundry, she felt something behind her. When she turned around, she found a little thing behind her. This would be Eugene trying to stick too close to his new mom. The senior dog wanted to be close to both Adrian and her husband. If Adrian left the room and Eugene was in bed, he would start to whine loudly and call out for her.

The more she came to know about her senior dog, the more Adrian realized that he had so much energy in him. Adrian felt like Eugene had two distinct personalities. One was his puppy energy, while the other was the old man’s energy. The rescue dog was happy now, but still, the owner had to be very careful to ensure he stayed warm. The senior dog wore sweaters all the time. Adrian thought Eugene knew how handsome he looked when he was in his clothes. Adrian thought the rescue dog was the sweetest, most well-dressed senior gentleman ever. Eugene had completely changed Adrian’s family for the better.

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