2-pound wild boar adopts giant Labrador as her dad

One morning Dora’s gardener showed up at their house with something very tiny in a box. The animal lover never could have guessed that the adorable little thing in the box was a wild boar. Dora named her Yehzu. The wild baby boar was just a couple of hours old and was similar in size to an iPhone.

Wild boar

Dora and her family looked for Yehzu’s mother everywhere. Finally, however, they concluded that the poor animal was abandoned. In Sri Lanka, there are no wildlife rescues that could take wild boars. Dora could not afford to leave Yehzu all by herself. So, the kind rescuer decided to contact her vet friend and help the little one.

Dora already had several dogs as pets, but Yehzu instantly connected with their Labrador, Biu Biu. The tiny boar just flung her 2-pound body right into his mouth. The caring owner knew there was something special about their relationship.

Wild boar and giant Labrador

Yehzu started to eat solids because she saw Biu Biu eating them. The patient Lab would always allow the baby boar to eat first out of his own bowl. He would also watch out for her when the little boar was swimming in the pool.

Biu Biu taught Yehzu how dogs play with each other. The tiny boar’s bond with the Labrador was instantaneous. Dora felt that the baby boar was missing her mom, so Biu Biu became her whole world. When Yehzu was small, Biu Biu’s favorite thing was to use the little boar as his pillow.

Wild boar and giant Labrador

However, that changed when she got big enough. Now the boar used the adorable Lab as her pillow. But Dora was proud of Biu Biu as he was so gentle and patient with the little Yehzu. The owner felt that the Lab enjoyed his role of being her dad. The gentle dog showed the wild boar how to become part of the pack. Both have been following each other, and now the little boar has gone from 2 pounds to 62 pounds.

She became a permanent family member and still lived at home with them. But now, Yehzu had her own boar condo outside so that she could enjoy a little bit of freedom. Unfortunately, boars are considered pests and hunted in Sri Lanka, so Yehzu could not be released. Even after the wild boar had grown up, she still looked up to Biu Biu as her dad and leaned on him for comfort.

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