Adopted Golden Retriever becomes the best bed and breakfast host

‘Pit Bulls & Parolees,’ an American reality show on Animal Planet, focuses on the Villalobos Rescue Center, a rescue center for dogs, especially Pitbulls and similar breeds. The center was founded by Tia Maria Torres. She made it her life’s mission to tell people about the misconceptions about Pitbulls and other similar dogs.

Golden Retriever

She also provided employment and helped transition parolees who worked for the rescue center. Recently, Tia and her parolee Earl helped Lindsay Pike from New Orleans adopt a perfect host dog for her newly set up Bed & Breakfast. Lindsay had been dreaming of opening a B&B for about five years. She had now got the place and planned to open the B&B very soon.

The kind adopter also stayed at the B&B and wanted her adopted dog to be good with strangers. Lindsay loved dogs and believed that they brought great companionship and energy. The B&B owner had even decided to take guests with dogs, so she wanted a dog who would be a good host or hostess.

Golden Retriever

So, Tia had to find a dog that had to be friendly with guests but not so over-friendly with people, making them scared. Unfortunately, Lindsay’s landlord did not allow Pitbulls. Hence, they had to look for other rescue dogs. Tia had picked out a few dogs with the proper temperament. One of them was Virginia. Unfortunately, someone had tied her up to the end of the carport at the rescue center. She had a microchip on her, but the rescuers could not find the owner’s information as it was not registered.

The only detail that they found out was that the dog was from Virginia. It was unknown how this adorable dog ended up in New Orleans. One thing they were sure about was that someone purposely left her at their facility and tied her. Tia believed Virginia was a lab-retriever mix. Lindsay and Virginia had an instant connection.

Golden Retriever

Lindsay was sure she could adopt this well-behaved and super-loving dog. As it was a unique situation, Tia wanted to check if Virginia could handle the constant flow of guests coming into the B&B. Lindsay’s B&B was very cute and had really cool old architecture and lovely old furniture. However, one thing that concerned Tia was the outdoor area on the second floor. With Virginia’s temperament, she thought it would be alright for the dog to move in.

Lindsay thought Virginia was a perfect fit as she had a good temperament and had a sweetheart. Virginia loved her new home and explored the area with Earl. Tia wanted to check if Virginia was anxious or nervous, but she was happy. However, before she signed off the adoption, she wanted Lindsay to teach Virginia the “wait” command for guests. After all the checks, Tia talked to Virginia, told her that she had a better house than her, and left her under Lindsay’s care.

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