Blind Senior Dog Was Abandoned Near A Junkyard, But These Angels Wouldn’t Leave Him Behind

One morning, the rescue team at Hope For Paws got a call from a man, who informed them about a blind dog who had wandered into the junkyard.

Rescuers immediately rushed to the scene to find Duncan, an old, blind Pit Bull hiding under a van. After quite some effort, they successfully managed to get Duncan out and into the car.

Video5 b

Duncan needed immediate medical care and was taken to the vet. Duncan was in poor shape. He was suffering from dehydration, periodontal disease, corneal ulcers, two mast cell tumors, and skin disease. After his diagnosis, Duncan was given a bath and it turned out that Duncan has beautiful fur. Duncan was taken good care of and treated well.

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After a few days in recovery, Duncan is now in perfect condition, living happily in his foster home.  We can’t thank Hope For Paws enough for their selfless work. You can learn more about them at

To watch Duncan transform into a happy and beautiful dog, watch the video below.

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