Chihuahua happily reunited with owner after harrowing incident

In a recent incident, Tia & Louise from the Villalobos Rescue Center in New Orleans received a call about a dog hiding behind a parked car. The duo thought he might lash out from underneath the parked car and come right at them as the dog was afraid. So, they had to be extra careful about the situation.


Tia & Louise walked down the sidewalk and kept looking under the cars. Finally, the two rescuers tried to call out to the dog and tried to find what they were up against. To their surprise, they found a Chihuahua. At that very moment, the girls, who had reported about the little dog, came out and started to speak to the duo.

The rescuers could not believe that the girls were scared of a Chihuahua. The girls informed them that the dog was already there when they came out of the house. These girls seemed kind as they still cared about the dog who had his leash stuck underneath the tire.

Chihuahua reunited with owner

The poor little Chihuahua was really scared. So the rescuers decided to catch the little dog with a blanket or a towel. This procedure diffuses the dog right away and disorients the animal. But unfortunately, as the two women tried to gently put the blanket over the dog, he started to lash out at them.

Louise scooped the little dog with the help of the towel and held him in her arms. It was freezing cold out there, and if it was not for those caring girls, there was no knowing what would have happened to the dog. He had tags and even had a harness on. Tia & Louise guessed that someone was walking him and somehow got away from them. Finally, they realized that this was not a street dog, but this Chihuahua had gotten away from the owner.

Chihuahua reunited with owner

After reaching the Villalobos Rescue Center, Tia decided to call the dog’s owner. After looking at the name tags, they found the dog’s name “Pizza.” After a few rings, the Chihuahua’s owner, Keenan, picked up the phone. The owner was based in New York and was visiting New Orleans. Unfortunately, the poor guy was mugged while walking his dog. Pizza was so scared of the incident that he ran away.

Keenan was staying at a motel in Slidell. So Tia & Louise decided to help the owner and the dog reunite. While traveling, Louise actually got into a conversation with “Pizza.” She asked him how excited he was to meet his owner. Before she could hear the answer, the naughty Chihuahua peed on her lap. This made Tia laugh hysterically at the situation. Soon the duo reached the motel in Slidell and met Keenan. As soon as the dog met his owner, he was pleased to see him. He was whining and crying and whimpering, and his little tail was wagging. It was everything that the rescuers had hoped for. It was a happy ending to a sad story. Keenan was glad Tia & Louise had found “Pizza” and appreciated their help bringing his best friend back to him.

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