Cute wombat can’t get enough of his stuffed toys

Finding the offspring of a wild animal near your house is a common thing. However, the challenge lies in helping the baby grow into a healthy adult. This is what Anita did recently with a baby wombat. Anita found the baby wombat near his mother, who passed away after giving birth. The baby wombat was tiny, and Anita named him Mitchell. She decided to take care of the baby since he needed a bigger space.

Cute wombat

The bond between Mitchell and Anita didn’t take much time to develop. He thought of her as his mom and would always hold her fingers while feeding off the feeding bottle. Then, once he’d finish his bottle, Mitchell would lay back with his face on Anita’s neck.

Mitchell was very cuddly and loving. However, his behavior changed when he grew up into a healthy adult. He would often attack some of his toys and usually bite Anita out of love and affection. Nonetheless, he always followed his foster mom and walked behind her around the backyard.

Cute wombat

Anita got him a toy wombat that Mitchell would snuggle while sleeping. Since he did not have a mate to pair with, Anita decided to give him several types of toys. He behaved with his toys the same way he would have acted with another wombat. Soon he started to revert back to his wild behaviors. He would wrestle and bite his mom like any wombat would do with their real moms.

Their wild nature prevented anybody from keeping wombats as pets. Soon, Anita decided to release him in the wild. She released him from a cage out in the open. She had a burrow made for him and kept some of his belongings outside to help him understand that he needed to stay there.

Cute wombat

Anita also had a camera set up on his burrow to see him whenever she wanted. She was happy to help the baby wombat grow up into a healthy adult and go back to the wild, which was his natural home.

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