Dog goes bonkers after seeing his soldier mom at the airport after 10 months

Something very difficult to do is being away from our beloved pets for long periods of time, and this is even more difficult for our pets as they worry and don’t understand whether we are in danger, where we are or if we’re ever coming back. This was the case for army soldier Cassandra Cabrera as she was deployed in Africa.

Jorge Cabrera jr via Storyful

Miss May was Cassandra’s beloved pup, who was waiting for her at home. However, as the dog was a puppy when Cabrera left for her deployment, she feared that the pup wouldn’t remember her. When the army soldier came back from her deployment, her fears were immediately put to rest when she and her pup were reunited at Sacramento International Airport in California, as Miss May proved that she hadn’t forgotten Cassandra.

Jorge Cabrera jr via Storyful

While the soldier rode down the escalator among a crowd of people, the pup who was on a leash spots Cabrera coming down the stairs, she sprints towards her, and smothers her with tail-wags and licks. Whatever said and done, it’s safe to say that not only did Miss May recognize her humans, but she never forgot her, even for a second.

Jorge Cabrera jr via Storyful

We are lucky as this reunion was caught on camera and was posted online for everyone to see. Army soldier Cabrera will never forget this heartwarming encounter, and let’s hope that these two will not have to be separated for such a long time again.

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