Giant dog waits by the gate everyday to greet his favorite mailwoman

Eileen had adopted a 7-week-old English Mastiff puppy. Her little puppy, Fronky, was super gentle and loved to get petted and hugged by a mailwoman, Shaun, who went through their route almost every day. The two of them had bonded right away from day one.

Dog greet his favorite mailwoman

It was ongoing for them to meet every day unless Shaun was off from work. After that, he never stopped waiting for her. Fronky soon grew up to be a 180-pound gentle giant. However, he was unaware that he had grown up so big.

Anyone who did not know him would have found it very intimidating. But for Shaun, it was different. She had a strong bond with Fronky. The dog waited for her every day after his breakfast. Fronky knew that his best friend, the letter carrier, would be coming to see him.

Dog greet his favorite mailwoman

So, he couldn’t contain his excitement and would pace around the main entrance wanting to go out into the main yard. But, as soon as Eileen opened the door, Fronky would run out to see Shaun.

Fronky waited for the mailwoman near the gate and watched her take the packages. He sat at the entrance and continuously wagged his tail as if he was asking her to hurry up. When it took some time for Shaun to come to his house, the Mastiff would get impatient. He would stand up on the fence and look for her.

Dog greet his favorite mailwoman

Even Shaun cherished the dog’s friendship. Her route was super long, and meeting Fronky gave her a break from her stressful job. The busy mailwoman stayed for a few minutes and would then leave.

However, Shaun tried to make time for her four-legged friend and gave him back scratches and lots of pets on his head. When Shaun left, she always told him if she would come by to meet him tomorrow or if she was off. Then, she would say to him that she wouldn’t see him for a couple of days. Both of them looked forward to meeting each other. Eileen now considered Shaun as a part of their family.

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