Greyhound retired from racing gets best retirement from new parents

Who doesn’t love a rescue dog that wears sweaters when he goes outside? For this greyhound, Paul, a new life in his adult years turns out to be the most relaxing time of his life.


Paul spent most of his life competing in races and being locked in a kennel as a former racing dog. As greyhound racing became illegal in Florida, Paul was given another chance at living a happy life.

Suiting up in his sweater and boots to go potty outside when it’s cold, Paul was such a unique expression on his face. You can tell that he’s just happy to be living a relaxed and comfortable life.


Having to adjust to life in the big city, Calvin has many lessons to learn, such as walking up and down the stairs. He had never had to do this in his previous life and was unsure of this concept.

Even learning that it was ok for him to jump up onto the couch, Paul’s new lifestyle was drastically different from his old one. Not entirely sure what to do with himself, Paul is a little bit awkward.


Standing over his mother while she works on her laptop, Paul must think that he’s still supposed to work and serve. His new owners have a unique level of patience with helping Paul to adapt.

Finally becoming comfortable in his new home, Paul is wagging his tail and expressing happiness. As he still has a long way to go, Paul’s determination to be a happy dog will help him overcome.

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