Hero Knows What He Has To Do To Save Dog Locked Inside A Car On A Hot Day

During a music festival on an 86-degree day, some people noticed a dog had been locked inside of a hot car and left alone. The announcer called for the owner to let the dog out, but when that didn’t happen, one hero knew he had to act quickly.

The Good Samaritan did what he had to do and used a giant slab of concrete to break the window to save the poor dog trapped inside.

will costa rescue 1

“There was a music festival happening and the announcer mentioned there was a dog in a hot car and for the owner to let the dog out,” Will Costa told The Dodo. “No one came after a while so everyone got together to solve the issue. After the dog was rescued, the owners showed up 50 minutes later.”

This chart here shows just how hot it becomes inside of a car in a very short amount of time. There’s no time to waste — these pets need to be saved.


It’s a good thing this man acted when he did and didn’t wait around for the owners to come back. The dog wouldn’t have survived in there much longer.

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