Husky with beautifully unique eyes rescued by woman in the nick of time

Megan, an animal lover, recently found that one of the shelters was about to put down a husky, King. He was labeled as an aggressive dog. King only had an hour to live.


So, the kind woman rushed to the shelter and told the shelter workers not to put him down as she would help them foster King. But, the first time she met King, she could not believe her eyes.

Megan saw this beautiful, white husky with really unique eyes. King was in the shelter for three months, and as they were leaving, it was a moment of relief for him. He knew he was saved.


A lot of shelters label dogs as aggressive even though they are not. Several times when dogs go into a shelter environment, they get terrified. When King got home, he met Megan’s pet dog, Zeppelin, also from a shelter.

The two became best friends. King’s behavior changed drastically within a few weeks. Zeppelin taught him how to be at the park, jump in the car, take treats gently, and walk on the leash better.


When their foster mom put King and Zeppelin together, King behaved like a dog because he followed Zeppelin’s footsteps. A few weeks later, King was adopted to a forever family.

Months later, Megan drove down to San Diego, California, and reunited with King. Even though she had spent so many months with King, she was scared to meet him again. The beautiful dog was ecstatic to see his foster mom and Zeppelin. It was like they had never left each other’s side. Megan was delighted to save King and give him another chance to live life with a beautiful family.

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