Little boy bursts into tears when reunited with lost dog

Bruiser, an amiable Pitbull, was missing and was last seen on his family’s driveway. Jamie, the Pitbull’s mom, and her son Tyler drove around the neighborhoods and put the flyers for the missing dog in the stores.

Little boy and dog

They even passed the flyers around the neighborhoods to people walking on the street. Jamie had kept a $1000 reward for the person who would find Bruiser for them.

Jamie’s son Tyler asked his mom every day about their dog, Bruiser, when she came to pick him up from school, and she would have to tell him that they could not find him yet. It was tough for the family to live without their beloved dog, an extended part of their family.

Little boy and dog

Jamie cried for days because she missed him so much. For Tyler, it was like he hadn’t seen his brother in 2 months. Tyler missed how Bruiser would wait at the refrigerator for him to get an ice cube.

He missed seeing his face when he woke up every morning. The dog would always burst through the door and put his face on the mattress and would wake Tyler up. Every time Tyler went to the bathroom, Bruiser waited for him at the door so that nobody could break in.

Little boy and dog

The family soon received a call from Highland’s County Animal Control in Sebring, Florida, 2 months after Bruiser had gone missing. They told Jamie that they thought they had found Bruiser. So Jamie and her husband decided on a surprise reunion for Tyler. As soon as the little boy returned from school, he welcomed the other dog and later Bruiser.

The Pitbull jumped over the boy and started to wag his tail. Tyler dropped all his stuff, hugged him tightly, and started crying. It was a happy reunion. The boy was pleased to find that his brother was home.

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