Man finds bee swarm settled in an antique oak barrel in front yard

Bees can build their combs in the most unusual places. There is no better example than the man who discovered that a swarm of bees had chosen one of his lawn decorations to set up camp.

Bee swarm settled in an antique oak barrel

In a little over two months, the bees had built multiple massive combs within an antique oak barrel. With the help of some friends who had beekeeping experience, the man removed the swarm.

Carefully, they smoked the bees to keep them calm. One by one, they used a crowbar to pry the planks off the barrel. Slowly, each intricately built comb was revealed.

Bee swarm settled in an antique oak barrel

The impressive combs were crawling with busily working bees who did not mind being removed from the barrel as long as they had their combs to keep working on.

In one tense moment, a comb breaks apart in the beekeeper’s hands, but he stays calm, and the bees act as if nothing went wrong. What a relief that nobody was hurt!

Bee swarm settled in an antique oak barrel

After completely dismantling the barrel, the bees were relocated to a regular beehive to continue their essential work. Comfy in their new home, the queen started laying eggs a few weeks later.

This video shows these small insects’ exceptional capability for building a home anywhere they choose. Their resilience and incredible work ethic are something we should all strive to possess!

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