Otters fascinated by first snowfall, bring snow into house to play

Having an otter as a pet is not legal in many countries. However, in Japan, otters could be adopted as pets. Kotaro and Hana were beautiful otters born in Japan. Having two playful otters was so much work for their kind owner.


Recently, the owner shared some of the cute moments online where Kotaro and Hana looked surprised by the sudden snowfall. This was the first heavy snow in Tokyo in the past two years.

They had seen snowmen before, but it was the first time the two otters had actually seen snow falling. The two cute animals enjoyed the snowfall in their terrace garden.


However, after a few minutes, the two otters decided to come inside the house and have a warm bath in the tub. Kotaro couldn’t handle the cold and was irritated as the snow showed no signs of stopping.

After two hours, Kotaro decided to go out and explore the snowy terrain. However, soon the otter gave up the idea and returned. His paws were frozen because of the snow on the floor. On the other hand, Hana did not mind the cold. In fact, Hana loved juggling with the snowballs.


She did not mind the cold at all. But, on the other hand, Kotaro seemed a bit uneasy about what was going on out there. Both the otters were out on the open terrace and played in the snow.

Hana was happy to find new snow toys. At first, the kind owner made a snowbird & then a snowman for her. She wanted to take it to the bathtub and juggle underwater, but the snow toys did not last long as the otter entered the warm bathtub. It was incredible to find Hanna juggling, fetching snowballs, and swimming with it. However, Kotaro never wanted to leave the warm bathtub filled with water.

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