Parrot learns to play basketball with miniature ball and hoop

Alexandrea wanted a dog while her husband wanted a cat as a pet. So, they compromised and settled for a Caique parrot named Shadow. Birds need to be stimulated mentally. That’s why the little one knew so many tricks.


One of the bird’s favorite things, especially before bed, was sitting on Alexandrea’s shoulder, grabbing a little hair strand, and snuggling there. He always followed the couple everywhere like a shadow, so they named him Shadow.

He would go to the bathroom to shower in the basin, sit on the bathroom shelves, and watch them. If Shadow’s parents were in a particular room, he ensured he was there.


Sometimes, when the Caique parrot was really playful, he would finger wrestle with Alexandrea. It did not matter if the couple was working or sipping a milkshake; the affectionate bird always wanted to be close to them.

The bird knew several tricks, but his parents were most proud of Shadow’s basketball skills. If Shadow found a basketball net anywhere in the open, he would just stand there, take the ball out, and put it back in.


Alexandrea thought the bird actually enjoyed playing basketball. The next thing that he liked to do was sit on soft towels. After that, he would be on it if there was a towel anywhere and liked being cuddled.

If Shadow was in the bathroom and towels were hanging on the racks, the couple was sure that they would come off the shelves. He loved rubbing his face on the soft towels. After adopting Shadow, Alexandrea thought it would be great to go to rescuers before they go to breeders. She was happy that the bird would be with them for at least another 25 years.

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