Police Officer Gives Injured Pup His Jacket To Help Comfort And Keep Her Warm

The Sheriff’s Division in Chautauqua Region, New York, received a call one day informing them that a canine had been hit by a vehicle.

Sergeant Chris Howlett was dispatched to the site and discovered the injured pet dog lying in a snowdrift.

He eagerly removed his coat and also wrapped it over the freezing, injured dog in an attempt to keep her warm while also preventing her from succumbing to shock.

While waiting for help to arrive, Howlett sat down and attempted to reassure the dog, letting her know she wasn’t alone.

Following that, the dog was sent to a local veterinarian for treatment. Thankfully, the dog only had minor injuries, much to the relief of her owners.

Rogue, the puppy, was then sent home after a little therapy session. According to a Sheriff’s Division update:

” In fact, the family has sought out to offer an upgrade. Rogue is her name, and she is being examined by veterinarians. She is succeeding, and we should be back in the house by Monday. I’m confident that the family members have appreciated the outpouring of support from everyone.”

” Throughout times that there appears to be adverse press towards law enforcement, this reveals a little bit of concern for law enforcement as well as particularly our replacements. Sgt. Chris Howlett seen reassuring a pet that had been struck by an automobile. She was reunited with her owners who are checking her condition. She received small injuries however is anticipated to be fine.”

We say thanks to Sergeant Chris Howlett for his compassion!

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