Porcupine faces off against leopard in the middle of the road

Leopards are one of the most dangerous hunters in the wild. Although it is closely related to tigers and lions, leopards can easily climb trees and run tremendously. In other words, they are their prey’s worst nightmare.

Porcupine and leopard

However, leopards are also afraid of certain animals, such as porcupines. In fact, porcupines can cause immense physical harm to any animal, no matter how big the other animal is in real life. Therefore, leopards hardly mess with porcupines unless they are not very experienced.

A porcupine in Kruger Park, South Africa, recently taught a leopard one of the biggest life lessons. It was about not messing with a porcupine. It was clear that the big leopard would quickly kill the tiny porcupine from a distance.

Porcupine and leopard

However, the little fellow had a plan of his own. At first, the leopard sat in the middle of a road licking his two front paws, one of which was bleeding. Meanwhile, the porcupine stood at a distance from the big hunter.

The little fellow kept moving towards the leopard and quickly ran away soon after. However, the leopard kept licking his paws, not bothered by the porcupine’s teasing acts. Finally, after licking his front paws properly, the hunter again attacked the little fellow.

Porcupine and leopard

The leopard kept hitting the porcupine’s back gently, aware of the long and sharp thorns on the animal’s back. Every time the leopard would strike, the porcupine would point all his thorns at the big cat.

After a few such gentle strikes, the leopard decided to strike hard this time. But unfortunately, two long thorns went right inside his paws, making him bleed again. This made the big cat abandon his plans of having the porcupine for food.

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