Rescue baby wombat becomes proud NSW Police officer

Although we heard countless stories about rescued dogs that eventually became K9 officers, we never of a wombat to get that job. Well, not until now! Everyone meet Ted – the Australian Police new recruit!

Image credits NSW Police

The nine-month-old bare-nosed wombat was rescued last month after its mom has tragically passed away due to a car accident. The woman that saved the little one’s life is an officer with the Queanbeyan Police Station in New South Wales and a volunteer for a wildlife rescue center.

Image credits NSW Police

As the tiny creature isn’t old enough to be released in the wild, Ted will remain under officer Constable Tori Murray care for at least another year. Since he got rescued little Ted became a permanent resident at the Queanbeyan Police Station and everyone seems to adore him.

Image credits NSW Police

“The officers have taken very positively to Ted,”Inspector Charles Hutchins told Express Sandstar. “As you can appreciate with a baby animal, everyone’s very nurturing and caring and very interested in the process that he’ll undertake before he’s released back into the wild. I’m sure there’s plenty of cuddles that are being passed around the office.”

Image credits NSW Police

Ted also seems to adopt very well to his new home. And it couldn’t had been otherwise since everyone’s offering him lovely cuddles and kisses. And since is also a very big fan of napping, officer Murray took his portable bed under her desk, where her furry comrade could relax as much as he wishes.

With the initiative, Inspector Hutchins wants to raise awareness for people to care more about the native wildlife. “With school holidays and everyone travelling along the highway, we encourage people be aware of your surroundings, which may include our native wildlife,” he said.”If you see an animal near the road, we encourage you to slow down if possible, exercise caution and drive to the conditions so that way we’ll show some kindness to the animals by the roads.”

h/t: NSW Police

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