Sick orphaned kitten adopts giant Pitbull as his new mom

Recently, Claudia decided to foster a little kitten abandoned by his previous owner. The little kitten, named Violet, was far from worse when he arrived at his foster home. However, he looked highly sick, so the foster mom sprang into action.


The person who had him before did not know how to take care of kittens and had dumped him. Violet’s eyes looked terrible. He just slept, ate, and relaxed all day. When he finally got some energy, he started to feel at ease. Claudia soon discovered that the cat was kneading (making biscuits).

Claudia had never encountered such a sweet gesture before and totally loved her interaction with the small pet. Violet was determined to get better just on day one. On day 2, he started to eat and drink, which made the foster mom very happy.

Kitten and Pitbull

On day 4, the kitten looked a lot better. Nonetheless, he still suffered from mange and other problems. However, by day 6, he had recovered completely and started to thrive. Once Claudia knew he was excellent, it was time to meet her other pets.

She had many pets, but the little kitten connected with Chapo, the Pitbull, more than anyone. There was something about the kitten that Chapo really loved. Claudia had initially thought that Violet would not be interested in hanging out with Chapo, but she was proved wrong.

Kitten and Pitbull

The kitten would snuggle up to Chapo and lay down next to him. The Pitbull and the kitten would kiss and play with each other. Unfortunately, Violet contracted a severe respiratory infection about 2 weeks after he had arrived. Chapo acted very concerned and would check on him every five seconds.

The two animals were inseparable and slept together. They enjoyed each other’s company a lot. The little kitten looked up to the Pitbull as his mom. Chapo always acted like a mentor and taught Violet how to be an animal and a pet.

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