Stray Dog Tried To Steal This Fluffy Unicorn From A Store 5 Times

It’s difficult to survive on the streets, especially if you’re a defenseless and dependent animal. They must sometimes face several obstacles in order to survive, but it appears that a stray dog who attempted to steal a stuffed unicorn felt that his life would be made easier if he was accompanied by your companion.

Dogs have long been considered man’s best friend, but the protagonist of this novel demonstrates that a purple unicorn may also be a dog’s best buddy.

Sisu, the small dog, was desperate to get his hands on the plush toy and was ready to take it if necessary.

Facebook/ Duplin County Animal Services

Sisu had attempted to enter a Dollar General shop in Kenansville, North Carolina, many times the week prior. Sisu had a task in mind, and it was to obtain the plush unicorn he had admired for so long; he was overjoyed with the gift.

The dog tried to enter every time a customer left the business, but was constantly stopped by an employee who took the toy away.

Facebook/ Duplin County Animal Services

Sisu, on the other hand, was not prepared to give up; he needed his stuffed animal and insisted on getting it.

When it became evident that the dog was not going to give up, a store clerk decided to seek assistance from animal control.

Facebook/ Duplin County Animal Services

The employees of Duplin County Animal Services responded to the strange situation and decided to go to the store to repair the “delinquent” puppy’s problem. When animal control authorities came on location, they were able to see the strange situation and hear the employees’ testimonies.

People spoke with Joe Newburn, a supervisor at Duplin County Animal Services, who said:

“It was done directly by the unicorn, and it was the same unicorn every time.” It was one of the strangest phone calls I’ve ever had to deal with.”

Facebook/ Duplin County Animal Services

The adorable puppy was enamored with the plush unicorn, and store personnel had previously done all they could to keep him from stealing it. However, because Sisu was still waiting for his chance, they had to implement additional security measures to try to thwart the puppy’s plot.

Facebook/ Duplin County Animal Services

Joe explained to The Dodo:

“Finally, they had no choice except to shut the door and refuse to let him in.” When my officer came, he realized that he was a huge fan of unicorns ».

Facebook/ Duplin County Animal Services

Sisu joyously left the store with Samantha after receiving her long-awaited toy, headed to an animal rescue facility. It’s unclear why Sisu was so infatuated with the plush animal, but it’s thought it had something to do with his previous residence.

Facebook/ Duplin County Animal Services

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