Stray puppy is sad at shelter, but then she reunites with the firefighter who saved her life

Dogs are nothing but kind, gentle and devoted creature. They bright up our days with the unconditional love they offer and they want nothing in return. Even though, so many dogs are being left behind by heartless people. It is also the case of Chunkie, who lived a life of misery because of her uncaring owner!

Sacramento Fire Department

The poor little thing was tied to a pole, when Mike Thawley, a firefighter spotted her. It was a heavy rain and the pup was all alone, sad and sick. No one seemed to care about her. Mike who works for the Sacramento Fire Department checked the area thinking he found find the dog’s owner. But since no one turned up, he decided to step in. The kindhearted man took the little one at the fire station. There he washed her up and fed her.

Sacramento Fire Department

When he noticed the cute pup was feeling better, the firefighter took her to a local shelter hoping she’ll find some lovely human parents, just as she deserved. Yet, soon after they were about to meet again!

Sacramento Fire Department

Just one day later, Mike went back to the shelter as he was already missing that little soul. But, Chunkie was feeling the same, because the moment she saw her savior came to visit, she had an incredible reaction. She got so excited to see Mike again. Watch the heartwarming reunion in the video below!


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