Tiny dog thinks she’s a cat, behaves accordingly

Out of all of the popular memes that have circulated over the internet throughout the years, the grumpy cat might be the greatest of all time. So many people related to and loved this meme.

Tiny dog

As it turns out, it’s not just the grump cat who might be feeling a little bit grumpy. For this dog, Linda, she’s putting a whole new meaning to grouchiness—and it’s absolutely adorable.

Linda is a sweet pup that doesn’t tend to display her affecting the same way that most dogs do. Resembling a potato, Linda doesn’t seem to mind, as long as she gets fed on time.

Tiny dog

Founding roaming alone in a rural part of North Carolina, it seems like Linda’s grumpiness might have developed over a lifetime. After seeing her picture posted, her rescuer knew that she would love Linda.

Very vocal with her expressions, Linda doesn’t hesitate to let you know her opinion about something—whether it’s good or bad. Linda truly engulfs all of the classic little dog stereotypes.

Tiny dog

Barking at bigger dogs and causing trouble, Linda is quite the devious little pup. Her unique name came from a funny stereotype of people who work in HR being named Linda since Linda likes to act as the fun police.

Truly adorable, despite her grumpiness, Linda is an excellent example for small breed dogs worldwide. Even as a small but fierce dog, you can be large and in charge.

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