Woman Brings Sanctuary Animals Home To Survive Winter Storm

The state of Texas in the United States saw one of its wettest winters on record, and many homes were flooded, including the Carly’s Critter Camp sanctuary’s animals. Carly Henry, the establishment’s creator, was compelled to carry out a rescue mission and relocate the animals to her home in order for them to survive the storm.

Their house became a shelter for animals (including giant tortoises, a small goat, a leopard gecko, crested geckos, bearded dragons, a chameleon, a tree frog, a corn snake, some pythons, and of course dogs). pleasantly situated in front of a fireplace in your living room.

Image/ Carly Henry

Unfortunately, when the storm arrived, there were power shortages, and the animals’ heaters stopped working; some of the animals were sensitive to low temperatures and could not survive in this environment, and the situation quickly escalated into a major crisis.

Carly realized she needed to act soon and hurried to the sanctuary adjacent to her home, where she decided to rapidly bring the most fragile reptiles and infant animals to her home to assist maintain their temperature consistent.

The woman rushed the smaller animals into her living room first, enlisting the assistance of a volunteer for Yoshi, her largest tortoise.

According to Carly, who spoke to The Dodo,

“It was insane.” ‘Oh my God, now we have to relocate all the large turtles,’ I thought.

Yoda, Tortellini, and Yoshi, his three enormous tortoises, weigh between 70 and 120 pounds each. Carly needed to bring them inside as soon as possible because they aren’t very agile and are a little obstinate. The storm lasted a few days, and there was constant power outage.

Image/ Carly Henry

Carly, her husband, and the animals stayed by the fire. They agreed to take turns caring for the animals and keeping the fire going.

The creatures appeared to grasp the situation and aided one another; some reptiles sat comfortably on top of the turtles, while the snakes attempted to find safe havens.

Carly was overjoyed and astonished. She stated, ”

“I couldn’t believe how wonderfully everyone got along.”

The family is thankful to the sanctuary’s occupants, who rushed to help with food and firewood to keep the warmth up.

Carly’s husband, Justin Henry, added:

“Everyone in this neighborhood is eager to help.” People from all walks of life were prepared to put their lives on the line. They all looked out for one another. That, I believe, is a huge part of why we were able to pull it off.”

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